Top Eagle Garments and Factory Outlet

Top Eagle Garment is a factory both for sports wear and casual everyday clothing. It stands for Top Quality manufactured products. Top Eagle has been in production in China since it was founded 20 years ago in 2001 in Heshan City Province of Guangdong and exporting to Europe, USA and Asia since then. The idea of opening up an outlet was born when existing European Brands that partners with us through the factory asked us to sell their garments in China.


Top Eagle Outlet provides shopping opportunities directly from the factory with wide range of products that you can choose from, reasonable priced but guaranteed carrying the factory's label top quality. Here you will find exclusive Top Eagle brands from Europe, designed styles in Italy and in Switzerland reasonably priced. Not like any other outlet stores that sell half passed quality standard products, Top Eagle strives to sell every item that bears its brand name in China at the best conditions and above all, in a well-known quality - top quality - both in regular stores as well as in outlet store. With its goal to open more stores in China, shopping opportunities directly from the factory.


The Top Eagle product range includes sportswear and everyday wear for women, men and children of all ages. In principle, high-quality materials, including cotton, are used, which give the garment a long service life, which you will enjoy for a long time.

We welcome you to see and experience one of our shops and see a wide range of styles and outfits that will suit your taste and outfit-of-the-day(OOTD) worthy to flaunt to with your friends.

At the main location of Top Eagle in Heshan City Guangdong China, there is not only the production facility but also the company's factory outlet.

Another shop is the Top Eagle Outlet in Hubei. In addition to sports fashion and well-known Top Eagle shirts, you will find a lot of fashionable jackets, casual wear and sports wear.