AIR SUPPLY Men’s Fleece Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Men’s Fleece Jacket

AIR SUPPLY Men’s fleece jacket is best for warmth and outdoor sports or activities.

This jacket consists of a brushed polar fleece fabric that provides warmth. It boasts of its simple and beautiful design with a laid-back vibe and a soft feel material.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. Woven fleece fabric with anti-pilling properties on both sides
2. The combination of polar fleece and waterproof woven fabric is stylish and appealing.
3. Both sides of the fillers are made of high-stretch fabrics, ensures no pressure during exercise.
4. The high collar design swiftly adjusts to the shape of the neck to lock in the temperature, and the anti-static treatment makes it easier to wear.
5. Pocket style is spacious and ideal for more storage.
6. This style is loose, allowing you to move freely.


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