FOX ACTIVE Men’s Fleece Jacket


FOX ACTIVE Men’s Fleece Jacket

Men’s Fleece jacket is designed for warmth and outdoor sports.

This jacket is made of polar fleece brushed fabric, which can efficiently provide warmth during cold weather with simple and elegant design, soft feel and stylish.


Design Technology and Product Features

1.It is made of Polar fleece cloth that is gentle on the skin , loose-fitting, warm and comfortable to move in.
2. A detachable soft fleece inside that you can add or remove at any moment and in any situation. It’s three-in-one, two-wear, waterproof, and windproof. It is 3-in-1, two-wear, water-resistant, and can handle severe winds.
3. The versatile bandage wraps the cuffs and hem, combined with elasticity, it prevents cold from entering the arm, locks in the temperature, and gathers heat without a sense of restraint.


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