AIR SUPPLY Men’s Knitted Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Men’s Knitted Jacket

AIR SUPPLY Men’s knitted jacket is stretchable, excellent for everyday use as well as in outdoor sports and activities.

This jacket is made of a breathable mesh knitted fabric that provides airflow, comes in a simple yet functional design, has a soft feel, and a comfortable look.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. Stretch mesh knitted fabric with a delicate and smooth texture that is gentle on the skin, loose-fitting, and comfortable to move in.
2. Cuffs with two layers of fabric fit around the wrist are resistant to stretching and are not easily deformed.
3. Corset-style elastic bandage at the hem is perfect when worn.
4. It features a reflective LOGO with night vision reflecting technology to boost visibility and safety during night sports.


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