AIR SUPPLY Men’s Ski Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Men’s Ski Jacket

AIR SUPPLY men’s ski jacket is a windproof and waterproof jacket that can keep you warm and dry during harsh winter days. Best for skiing and outdoor sports.

This jacket consists of waterproof and breathable fabric, which can efficiently provide wind resistance and keeps you dry and warm all day long. It’s breathable and comfortable, especially in changing weather conditions and complex environments. Loose fit design, soft touch, and comfortable, gives you the best casual look.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. Breathable micro-pores, high-performance DWR waterproof and breathable fabric, 20,000/ 20,000 waterproof and breathable value, and has waterproof tape on the whole body, which can keep you dry in any weather conditions.
2. The whole body consists of No. 40 cotton material which made it warm and breathable.
3. Knitted inner collar with soft fabric makes it comfortable and warmer when worn.
4. Technically bonded cap, bag cover, cuff technology, simple yet elegant.
5. Multiple pockets, strong practicability
6. Simple inner hat rope adjustment, full of functionality yet does not affect the appearance design.
7. Iconic logo and contrasting zipper design, fashionable and attractive.
8. It has a PU hole design to hold your earphones in place.
9. Breathable inner bag, equipped with goggles cloth, light and practical.
10. Underarm ventilation system, the hidden ventilation zipper can be unzipped during strenuous exercise to accelerate ventilation.
11. Loose and lightweight design, make wearing it for sports gives comfort, adjustable sleeves to keep cold and warm
12. The anti-slip elastic band can be adjusted to the inner swing to prevent sliding, keeping you warm, and doesn’t have any sense of restraint.


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