AIR SUPPLY Women’s Breathable Sports Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Women’s Breathable Sports Jacket

AIR SUPPLY women’s sports jacket suitable for cold weathers and outdoor skiing.

This jacket is made of elastic, waterproof, breathable and environmental friendly fabric, which can efficiently provide warm retention and guaranteed windproof, it can definitely keep you dry. It’s breathable and comfortable especially in changing weather conditions and complex environments.



Design Technology and Product Features

1. Micro-porous based breathable fabric, high-performance, highly-stretchable, with a 8,000/8,000 waterproof and breathability rating, and has a seam sealing tape on the whole body, which can keep you dry in any weather conditions.
2. Uses 80g cotton for optimum thermal protection.
3. The high collar design fits the neck quickly to keep the temperature on the same level, and the anti-static treatment makes the fit more comfortable.
4. The design of the splicing color line bone position is contemporary and attractive.
5. Lightweight warm cotton material at the back for warmth and ventilation.
6. A simple interior hat rope adjustment that provides a lot of usefulness without detracting from the look.
7. New and improved waterproof zipper to keep the moisture from leaking through.
8. A versatile pocket that is both large and practical.
9. Fashion appeal and iconic logo
10.The sleeve design is streamlined to improve the comfort and freedom of movement. The elastic thumb hole design is windproof with thermal protection.
11. Equipped with anti-slip Silicone at the inner linings preventing the jacket from sliding up to maximize comfortability and thermic protection.


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