AIR SUPPLY Women’s Cropped Fleece Sweater


AIR SUPPLY Women’s Cropped Fleece Sweater

AIR SUPPLY Women’s cropped fleece sweater is relaxed and excellent for warmth and everyday use.

This sweater is composed of elastic fleece and environmentally friendly fabrics that provide high-efficiency warmth, trendy cropped loose fit with a soft touch, and comfy.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. It features ball fleece suede and brushed fabric with double-sided anti-pilling, a velvety feel, and a close fit to keep you warm.
2. In this loose and cropped version, no body shape is confined.
3. The wide hoodie is comfortable and skin-friendly and is designed to fit around the neck to keep you warm and comfortable. Antistatic treatment improves the wearing experience.
4. It has a Kangaroo bag design, convenient storage, and is both beautiful and functional.
5. The vibrant hood string is adjustable and compact and made the leisure-sports vibe into a fashionable statement.
6. Micro-elastic cuffs help to swiftly lock in warmth.
7. Hem adjustability is an improvement that is easy to keep the shape, micro-elastic, stretch resistant, and eliminates a sensation of restraint.


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