AIR SUPPLY Women’s Sports Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Women’s Sports Jacket

AIR SUPPLY women’s sports jacket is windproof and thermal clothing suitable for warmth and outdoor golf

This jacket consists of eco-friendly fabrics that provide high-efficiency warmth while remaining dry, breathable, and comfortable in all types of weather conditions. It has a soft-touch, high elasticity comfort and is designed in a sleek modern style.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. High-stretch fabric is soft and close to the skin, keeping you warm all day.
2. The high collar design swiftly adjusts to the shape of the neck to lock in the temperature, and the anti-static treatment makes it easier to wear.
3. The lining is windproof and breathable, with a waterproof and breathable grade of 20,000/15,000, providing a dry experience at all times.
4. The interweaving of color fabrics in a coordinating design is both trendy and innovative.
5. Stretching without force is made better by the remarkable and elegant two-way bright zipper that is easy to pull and durable, as well as easy to put on and take off.
6. This refined version does not limit your fashion sense; in fact, it improves your wearing convenience and mobility.
7. It has a detachable drawstring hood with an elastic band wrap across the top of the cap, making it wind and snow resistant.
8. The elastic straps are wrapped around the cuffs, enabling them to lock and warm up quickly.
9. Corset-style elastic bandage at the hem is perfect when worn.


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