AIR SUPPLY Women’s Sports Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Women’s windproof and thermal sports jacket works best during harsh winter days to keep you warm and dry while enjoying outdoor sports and golf.

This jacket consists of windproof, breathable, and environmentally-friendly fabrics to achieve wind-resistant and high efficiency in withholding warmth and keeping you dry. Very comfortable in changing weather and complex environments. Fashionable streamline detail design, soft touch, and high elasticity comfort.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. Windproof and breathable fabric, 20,000/15,000 waterproof and breathable value, keeps you dry at all times, has a soft texture, and keeps the skin warm.
2. Assembled using 100g PRIMALOFT high-quality cotton material to give a soft and comfortable fit to keep you warm.
3. The detachable collar design fits the neck and quickly locks the temperature, and the anti-static treatment makes the wearer feel more comfortable.
4. Detachable sleeve design, brushed fabric, soft and comfortable, can be adjusted at any time according to the actual weather and is more resistant to cold wind
5. Stitching and matching design with bright color webbing, fashionable and novel.
6. The characteristic and beautiful two-way bright zipper is easy to pull and durable to put on and take off, make squatting without pressure.
7. Improve wearing comfort and freedom of movement and suits to all types of body sizes.


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