AIR SUPPLY Women’s Sports Vest


Air Supply Women’s Sports Vest is windproof that can keep you warm, best for warmth and outdoor sports and activities.

This jacket is made of windproof, breathable, and environmentally friendly fabrics that can keep you dry, breathable, and comfortable in changeable weather and challenging surroundings. Fashionable details, soft touch, and high elasticity comfort.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. Windproof and breathable fabric with a 20,000/15,000 waterproof and breathable value that keeps the skin warm and dry at all times.
2. Uses 80g of high-quality cotton material, which is soft and comfy and keeps you warm at a high temperature.
3. Skin-friendly, moisture-wicking, sweat-wicking elastic knitted lining
4. Precision inter-cotton technology increases the space’s flexibility.
5. The wrinkled bone position design refines the version, increases wearing comfort and freedom of movement, and does not restrict any type of body.
6. The neckline of the vest has contrasting color webbing, which contributes to the design’s highlights.
7. Fashionable and unique spliced webbing with matching design
8. Squatting without pressure is made possible by the distinctive and elegant two-way bright zipper, which is easy to pull and sturdy, as well as easy to put on and take off.


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