AIR SUPPLY Softshell Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Softshell Jacket

AIR SUPPLY softshell jacket is best for keeping you warm even while enjoying outdoor sports and activities.

This jacket consists of brushed eco-friendly fabrics that provide high-efficiency warmth while remaining dry, breathable, and comfortable in all types of weather conditions. It has a soft-touch, high elasticity comfort and is designed in a sleek modern style.


Design Technology and Product Features

1. Softshell fabric that absorbs moisture, has a soft texture and is close to the skin to keep you warm.
2. No bodily shape is confined in this stylish version.
3. The high-collar design is gentle on the skin and wraps around the neck to keep you warm throughout the day. Anti-static treatment improves the wearer’s comfort.
4. It has a simple hand pocket design that is convenient to use.
5. Warmth is quickly locked in with the help of micro-elastic cuffs.
6. Corset-style elastic bandage at the hem is perfect when worn.
7. The hood’s distinctive design makes it more waterproof and warm to the skin.


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