AIR SUPPLY Men’s Sports Jacket


AIR SUPPLY Men’s Sports Jacket

AIR SUPPLY Men’s thermal and breathable sports jacket with an angled zip, perfect for warmth and outdoor activities such as skiing.

This jacket consists of waterproof and breathable fabrics that keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable in any weather conditions and environment. It features an angled zipper that is both stylish and casual.



Design Technology and Product Description

1. It has breathable micro-pores, a high-performance water-resistant and ventilated fabric with a waterproof and breathable rating of 10,000/6,000, and impermeable tape on the entire body to keep you dry in all weather.
2. It has 100g of cotton to maintain a high level of warmth preservation.
3. The back consists of a light and comfortable cotton material that keeps you warm while still allowing you to move freely.
4. The inner hood drawstring can be easily adjusted and is both functional and beautiful.
5. It became more stylish and beautiful because of the angled zipper design and an elegantly engraved emblem.
6. Inner bag is breathable, comes with goggles cloth, and is light and convenient.
7. The underarm has a hidden ventilation zipper that can unzip during intense exercise to accelerate the airflow.
8. The design is loose and light, making it more comfortable to wear when playing a sport.
9. The inner loop is adjustable with a non-slip elastic band to keep you warm without restricting your movement.
10. It has a simple loop-styled PU earphone hole.
11. It provides a wind-proof and warm-keeping effect because of its clean and elegant velcro fastening and flexible thumbhole design.


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