FOX ACTIVE Men’s Casual Jacket


FOX ACTIVE Men’s Softshell Jacket

Men’s casual jacket for warmth and outdoor activities.

This jacket is made of a windproof and breathable composite fabric. The design is simple and broad, with a smooth feel and a casual look.



Design Technology and Product Features

1. Waterproof and breathable soft composite fabric with 20,000/ 20,000 waterproof and breathable value, no restriction in wearing, and with great comfort.
2. Reflective laser openings for ventilation and perspiration beneath the armpits
3. Design, fashion, and sports are all incorporated into the slanted chain and reflective inserts.
4. A beautiful and simple backswing with a little lowering tail and a round backswing.
5. Night vision reflecting technology, or reflective LOGO, improves visibility and safety in night sports.


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